AI image similarity matching

January 2023

Using image models to extract feature vectors of my images, storing them in a vector database and matching them using cosine similarity. The images are then ranked and displayed on a web server.

Furniture Finder (Coding Camp)

September 2022

In a team of 7 people we developed a web application that can suggest matching pieces of furniture based on reference images. Data from various websites were used as training data for convolutional neural networks (CNN) to recognize the colour, style and type of furniture. Further, WebAssembly and ONNX was used to deploy the pyTorch models on client side.

News Mining

January 2022

Scraping live news data and analyzing it. Visualization and data collection is realized via JavaScript, using Python for analysis part. TF-IDF word extraction, which persons are named in same context, frequency of clustered topics.

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Delta Studies

December 2021

Portal to exchange exam information, experiences and documents. A mySQL database is used to save user input. Additionally, documents can be up- and downloaded to the server.

Brain Chess


Bought myself a basic EEG device for fun and experimented to play a chess game only by thinking of the moves. I connected it via the liChess API to play online. The device can not actually read thoughts, the signals are rather interpreted as directions that are converted to moves.

Raytracing Simulation


Matlab Code to simulate rays inside curved optical fibers. The calculations are exported to a Blender Script, created in Python, to animate and visualize the rays.

Git Repository

North See Buoys Monitoring Shells

2020 - 2021

This project, in collaboration with people at my former school, involves tracking the opening behavior of shells in the North Sea in combination with different water properties. The data is transferred via LoraWAN to the nearest Gateway and live available.

Live here

3D Print with Textures


The idea here was to insert different colors directly into the filament of 3D printer to generate arbitrary textures. A Blender Script was created to slice objects and interpret the colors for each layer. Synchronized with the 3D printer motions, an Arduino should give controlled color insertions. However, the hardware never materialized.

Master of Karnough


This Android App helps you learn how to simplify boolean functions using Karnough Diagrams. Learn how to create efficient blocks and how to simplify.

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2015 - 2018

Chemistry learning App for the Smartphone. This Android App was written in Java and consists of multiple Quizzes, Articles and Videos to learn more about Chemistry.

Download here

Green Lantern


This project involved the construction of a lantern that can capture energy by lifting a weight inside its pole. Further, it should be smart enough to count vehicles, predict traffic jams and manage energy usage efficiency.


2015 - 2017

This buoy was constructed to measure the concentration of algae in the water. Multiple iterations where tested in the North Sea. First using a simple reflection measurement and later a camera based detection using a Raspberry Pi.