Hi, I'm Thore Koritzius

Software Developer
love coding as a tool to learn more about nature, physics and science in simulations and data analysis

  • Raytracing Simulations

    • Simulating light rays inside curved optical fibers

    • Reflections calculated in Matlab

    • Visualized in Blender

    • Find the sourcecode at git
  • Direct Brain to Chess

    • Only use your brain to move chess pieces using an EEG

    • Requires a lot of concentration

    • Model trained to identify thoughts of four directions, interpreted as moves

    • Written a LiChess Bot to connect to online players only via your brain!
About me

I started getting into programming at the age of 11 when I wanted to write a program to characterize plants by providing different features and to calculate the age of a tree by measuring its circumference.

This sparked my interest in computer science and led to my course of study. Starting with multiple competitions and prices in "Jugend forscht", a youth science competition, led to exciting workplaces where I learned a lot about coding.

Java Script / TS

Sailing in Husum

Hamburg Marathon 2021




January 2022 - now

Data Science
- Data Scraping and cleaning
- PyTorch Text-Classification on pre-trained language models
- Active Learning Piepeline
- Hyperparameter Tuning
- Evaluation

Full Stack Development
-Backend: Java, SQL
-Frontend: Angular, Typescript

B.Sc. in Computer Science

September 2021

Graduated after 6 Semesters at RWTH Aachen


February 2021 - December 2021

C++ Development and CMake integration, working on the "Visual Twin", a digital 3D copy of CNC machines

C# Unity Development

Institute for Textile Technology
of RWTH Aachen

April 2019 - September 2020

Developed raytracing simulations for curved optical fibers

Deployed various software tools for fiber quality analysis

CAD-Model design and 3D printing

Startet at RWTH Aachen University

October 2018

Graduated from grammar school

June 2018

Hermann-Tast-Schule Husum

Software developer at
"Ingenieursb├╝ro Thiesen + Bremser"

July 2017 - October 2018

Implementation of C# and VB scripts for process automation

Scripting Excel Macros for accounting purposes

Thore Koritzius

Computer Science Student, currently working at